Visit from the Chaldean parish of St Thomas de Sarcelles

It was with great joy that we welcomed the young people from the Chaldean parish of St Thomas de Sarcelles.

This group of young Christians from the East, whose families arrived for the most part from Turkey in the 1990s, then a little more recently from Iraq, made a strong impression in Pellevoisin! Born in France and perfectly “inculturated”, these young people resemble all French people of their age, but they are different in their relationship to their faith, which is expressed freely and fervently. In particular, they show an extremely respectful presence in the church to the mystery being celebrated, as if their ancestors, confessors of the faith, were still living in them. What joy and hope these young people gave us! It was impressive to listen to them praying in Aramaic, the common language in Israel at the time of Jesus!

Testimony of a catechist of this parish:

“Nearly 170 young people from the Gedalia group (secondary school students) were able to discover the “last point of the M of Mary”: Pellevoisin. Accompanied by the vicar of our parish, Father Narsay, as well as their leaders, the young people were able to follow in the footsteps of Estelle Faguette who lives the Virgin Mary.

The mass was celebrated in our Chaldean rite (in Aramaic, with the liturgy of the word in French) in the village church. The brothers of Pellevoisin accompanied them to visit the shrine in groups and to make a small pilgrimage to Montbel.

The apparitions of Pellevoisin took place in 1876. Mary appeared to this young woman, Estelle Faguette, who was terminally ill at the beginning of the apparitions and was healed at the fifth apparition. Mary presents herself as “the all merciful” and later tells Estelle that she has come for “the conversion of sinners” and for “the little ones and the weak”. She presents Estelle with the scapular which bears the heart of her Son on the front. Later, with the agreement of Rome, an image of Mary will appear on the other side. 

This is the core of the apparitions: the “All-Merciful” leads to the heart of her Son, the source of mercy. Mary invites us to pray especially for the Church and for France.

We give thanks to God for these enriching moments of sharing which help our youth to grow.