Recognition of the apparitions and beatification of Estelle

What stage has been reached in the process of recognizing the apparitions and beatifying Estelle?

Meeting in Plenary Assembly by videoconference on June 10, 2020, the bishops of France had authorized the opening of the process for the beatification of Estelle Faguette, at the request of Bishop Jérôme Beau of Bourges.

To begin with, however, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith asked for a multi-disciplinary theological commission to be set up, whose report was submitted to Mgr Beau, who was thus able to ask Rome in early 2024 for nihil obstat for “recognition of the supranatural character of the apparitions”.

In anticipation of the response, to associate ourselves with this cause, we are invited to recite the intercessory prayer opposite….

Intercessory prayer for the beatification of Estelle

Most good Father,

You whose glory is

To manifest to your children

the fruits of grace that

The Holy Spirit produces in them,

I thank You for showing Your mercy

By healing through the intercession of Mary,

Your servant Estelle Faguette.

Give me to know how to entrust myself to Mary

All merciful Mother.

May you glorify your servant Estelle,

And grant me, at her prayer,

The favour I ask of you (say the request)

Through Jesus, the Christ, Our Lord.

Bishop Plateau

With the permission of the Ordinary, 25 March 1986

Report to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy the graces obtained

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