Have an ex-voto engraved

The blessings received from Mary’s maternal hands do not cease! Graces of prayer and inner peace first of all, graces of conversion and protection, graces of healing too… dare we say it! She gives without tiring, as she promised more than 140 years ago. For some months now, several of you have been asking to be able to place an ex-voto. This practice had been somewhat abandoned over the last twenty years. Here are some insights into this devotion, which is far from being obsolete!

An ex-voto is an offering made to God, to the Blessed Virgin or to a saint, in request or in thanks for a grace obtained. Etymologically, the Latin phrase ex-voto means “according to the vow”, or “in accordance with what has been promised”.

Depending on local traditions, these offerings can take many forms: statuettes, paintings, models, or more frequently, engraved marble plaques that are placed in a venerated place (church, chapel, monument, etc.).

At Pellevoisin, the Blessed Virgin herself appeared with an ex-voto in her hands at the first apparition. This is a very special and unique event in the history of Marian apparitions in France. She appeared at the bedside of Estelle Faguette during her agony, in order to encourage her to offer her sufferings to Christ. Let us listen to Estelle: “I saw between her and myself a white marble plaque that I recognised as an ex-voto. I said to her: ‘But, my good Mother, where should it be placed? She did not give me time to finish the word Pellevoisin, and she replied: ‘At Notre-Dame des Victoires, they have enough signs of my power, whereas at Pellevoisin, there is nothing, they need a stimulant'”. (1st app.).

And now, what do I do if I want to place an ex-voto in Pellevoisin?

Prayerfully support your project so that your request has meaning.

Write to the Rector of the Shrine explaining the reason for your request. This letter will be kept in the Shrine archives. Then communicate to him the formula you wish to inscribe for agreement. He will then give you the address of the company that makes the ex-votos

It is necessary to have the date and the Sacred Heart of Jesus engraved with its colours.