In anticipation of the jubilee in 2026, the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Pellevoisin, an initiative to increase the shrine’s influence was launched at the request of Monseigneur Jérôme Beau, Archbishop of Bourges, and following an audit carried out by the diocese.

The “CAP 2026” project:


  • The 150th anniversary of Estelle Faguette’s healing.
  • The prospect of official recognition of the apparitions to Estelle Faguette, complementing that of her supernatural healing in 1983.
  • Promoting the “Chemin d’Estelle”.
  • Welcome pilgrims to the sanctuary.
  • Renew close ties with those who have received the scapular.


  • Establishment of 3 areas of activity: liturgical and pastoral, hospitality and boutique.
  • Strengthening of the team of permanent staff serving the Shrine.


  • Renovation of the sanctuary chapel and restoration of Estelle’s room to its current state.
  • Already financed, work in progress = €559,000
    • completed: masonry structure (concrete slab, choir apse, interior and exterior arches)
    • to be carried out: framework-ceiling, restoration of the ceiling in Estelle’s room, altar and choir ambo, interior and exterior joinery, paintwork, heating, electricity, sound system, stained glass.
  • Pending financing = €154,000
      • liturgical furniture (benches and kneelers), sacristy furnishings, exterior facade renovation.

Then come :

  • Creation of a space for pilgrims with an exhibition area “Sur le chemin d’Estelle”.
  • Transfer of the store to the Maison Ste Suzanne (bookshop, monastic crafts, video and café area, etc.).
  • Creation of a place for votive offerings and candles.
Participate by making a donation:

Your donation is deductible from your income tax:

  • You are an individual: 66% of your donation is tax deductible, up to a limit of 20% of your taxable income (a donation of €100 is €34).
  • If you are a company: 60% of your donation is deductible from your corporate tax, or from your income if you are a sole proprietorship, or from your income if you are an individual company, up to a limit of 0,5% of your annual turnover.

Cheques should be made payable to : ADB Sanctuaire de Pellevoisin
Payment by bank transfer (IBAN): FR76 1480 6180 0072 0483 4690 286


During the construction period,

A chapel has been set up in the Accueil Estelle Faguette conference room, housing a statue of Notre-Dame and a basket for prayer intentions.

This chapel is also used for rosaries, vespers and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Mass is celebrated in the village church.

A candle burner is located in the foyer of the Accueil Estelle Faguette.

You can also watch a video on the spiritual treasure of this place. You can pray in the park, at Estelle’s tomb and at the Grotte de Montbel…

  • Mgr Jérôme Beau (Archbishop of Bourges): a topical sanctuary

“Soon the 150th anniversary of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Pellevoisin. 2026 is tomorrow! The distribution of the statue of Our Lady of Mercy, the scapular and the magazine have been the main vectors of the shrine’s influence. More pilgrims are now showing interest in this place of family fervour, reassuring by its simplicity and the graces of consolation that are received there.

In September 2020, at the conclusion of the popular initiative of the “M of Mary”, surrounded by a fervent assembly of about 3000 people, I had the joy of solemnly crowning the statue of Our Lady of Pellevoisin. As the days go by, Pellevoisin proves to be a precious oasis of hope for Christians today.

With your support, the shrine of Our Lady of Mercy will be restored to celebrate this event with dignity.

  • Sylvie Bernay (historian): Estelle Faguette – an emblematic Christian for our time

“After so many years in the shadow of the archives, Estelle’s life is now accessible to all. Her life is a precious example for living the current upheavals in the Church and society. While the events of the world and the sin of Christians painfully remind us how difficult it is to love according to God, because our heart is wounded, the Virgin Mary tells us through Estelle Faguette that misfortune does not have the last word.

The scapular is a way of remembering the gift of baptism and the unconditional love of the Saviour: “All of you who have been baptised into Christ have put on Christ” (Gal 3:27). (Gal 3:27) The scapular is a small white cloth as a reminder of baptism, worn around the neck, with the effigy of the Heart of Christ, supports our journey of trust, calm and courage.