Estelle’s letter

“O my good Mother, here I am again prostrate at your feet. You cannot refuse to hear me. You have not forgotten that I am your daughter and that I love you. Therefore, grant me from your divine Son the health of my poor body for his glory.

Look at the pain of my parents, you know that they have only me for resources. Can I not complete the work I have begun? If you cannot, because of my sins, obtain for me a complete cure, you can at least obtain for me a little strength to be able to earn my living and that of my parents. You see, my good Mother, they are on the verge of having to beg for bread; I cannot think of this without being deeply distressed

Remember, then, the sufferings you endured on the night of the Saviour’s birth, when you had to go from door to door asking for asylum! Remember also what you suffered when Jesus was laid on the Cross. I trust you, my good Mother; if you want, your Son can heal me. He knows that I have longed to be one of his wives, and that it is in order to please him that I have sacrificed my life for my family, which needs me so much.

Please listen to my supplications, my good Mother, and repeat them to your divine Son. May He restore me to health if it is His good pleasure, but may His will be done and not mine. May He at least grant me complete resignation to His designs and may this serve for my salvation and that of my parents. You have my heart, Holy Virgin, keep it always and let it be the pledge of my love and gratitude for your maternal goodness. I promise you, my good Mother, if you grant me the graces I ask of you, that I will do all that depends on me for your glory and that of your divine Son.

Take my dear little niece under your protection, and protect her from bad examples. Do, O Holy Virgin, that I imitate you in your obedience and that one day I may possess Jesus with you in eternity.”

September 1875