Popes and bishops about Pellevoisin

10-12 December 1876: Mgr de La Tour d’Auvergne, Archbishop of Bourges, receives Estelle Faguette and authorises the making of the scapular

1892: Pope Leo XIII offers to the sanctuary of N-D de Pellevoisin a large candle that Cardinal Lavigerie had given him

28 June 1893: Mgr Boyer, Archbishop of Bourges, sent Father Salmon to Rome to offer a statue of N-D de Pellevoisin to Pope Leo XIII, who thanked him in the following terms: “I am happy to receive it, I receive it with happiness!

October 17, 1915: Pope Benedict XV receives the scapular of Pellevoisin from the hands of Fr. The Pope added: “In Pellevoisin, the origins are good. Pellevoisin was chosen by the Blessed Virgin as a privileged place where she spreads her graces.

8 September 1983: Decree of recognition by Mgr Vignancour, Archbishop of Bourges, of the “miraculous character” of the healing of Estelle Faguette

March 2016: Colloquium on the apparitions of Pellevoisin chaired by Monsignor Bruguès, Librarian of the Vatican Archives and Monsignor Maillard, Archbishop of Bourges

August 2017: Annual Pilgrimage presided over by Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon “Thank you Lord for having called me to discover Pellevoisin. May the beatification of Estelle be proclaimed soon and may the message of Mary in this place be heard by the greatest number!”

June 2020:  At the request of Monsignor Jérôme Beau, Archbishop of Bourges, the bishops of France, meeting in plenary assembly, authorise the opening of the process for the beatification of Estelle Faguette.

September 2020: on the occasion of the arrival of the “M of Mary” pilgrimage to Pellevoisin, Archbishop Jérôme Beau consecrates his diocese to the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and proceeds for the first time to the solemn crowning of Our Lady of Pellevoisin.

January 2021: Bishop Jérôme Beau blesses the fresco in the oratory of the two united hearts of Mary and Jesus, representing the coronation of Mary.