Offering a mass

To ask for a Mass to be celebrated is to enter into the prayer of Jesus and the Church, to entrust to God’s love a particular intention that is dear to us, to offer ourselves in union with the sacrifice of Christ. Giving an intention for Mass is both an act of spiritual charity towards those for whom the Eucharist is celebrated and an act of temporal charity for the sustenance of priests.

For the living people

Parents, children, friends, neighbours, for a sick person, for the conversion of sinners, for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, for a special intention, for a wedding anniversary, for an important event… We ask God to support them, to enlighten them, to help them through a difficult moment.

For the dead people

In the mystery of the communion of saints, it is also incumbent upon us to pray for our deceased brethren. From the earliest days of Christianity, the Church has offered suffrages for them, for “the thought of praying for the dead, that they may be delivered from their sins, is a holy and pious thought” (2 M 12:45). By having the sacrifice of the Mass celebrated for them, we ask God to give them the grace of salvation through the infinite merits of Christ and to welcome them to Himself in the Light of eternal life.

In thanksgiving

Simply to say thank you, in gratitude for God’s gifts.

The Mass offering

It expresses the self-offering of the faithful who ask for a Mass. He or she may offer a service, make a gesture of charity or give a sum of money. It is not a question of “paying” for the Mass, which is priceless, but it is good to participate in the material life of the priest who will celebrate this Mass.

  • The amount of the Mass offering is proposed at 18 €.
  • A novena (nine consecutive Masses) with an offering of 180 €.
  • A thirtieth (thirty consecutive Masses) with an offering of 540 €.

You can print and fill in the attached form and send it with your cheque to the following address

Shrine of Our Lady of Pellevoisin
3 rue Notre Dame
36180 Pellevoisin

Nb: please make your Mass offering independently of any other payment (bookshop, magazine subscription, donation to the Estelle Faguette Project, etc.)

fr. Laurent, rector