Prayer to Our Lady of Pellevoisin

Prayer to Our Lady of All Mercy

Virgin Mary,
At Cana you prayed for the glory of Jesus to be manifested.
At Pellevoisin, at the prayer of the sick Estelle,
You obtained from your Son the complete cure
of the one who implored you.

Be always attentive to our requests.
Take our miseries into your heart,
Present them to Jesus so that He may transform them
And show us mercy.
Teach us also to intercede for our brothers,
those we love and those who have hurt us.

Mother of Mercy,
At the Cross, united to your crucified Son, you offer your life
To give birth in grace to the beloved disciple;
Make us true witnesses of Christ,
By the offering of our activities, of our prayers;
May we, clothed in the love of Christ,
May we express our faith with all our lives.

Queen of Mercy,
In the trial of the Cross you became our Mother;
May we never in hope
May we never admit defeat.
Obtain for us the strength of love
That will enable us to fight to the end
So that the victory of Jesus may be our victory and our joy.

O Our Lady,
Ask for us the gift of the Spirit.
May he place in our hearts
The thirst for truth and holiness,
Then we may with faith declare the glory of the Father. Amen.

Prayer to Mary, Mother of Mercy (John Paul II)

Listen to our prayer and present it to Jesus, your Son, our only Redeemer.
You who teach us the hidden and silent sacrifice,
You who come to meet us sinners, we consecrate our lives, our labours, our joys, our illnesses, our pains to you.
You, our hope, look upon us with kindness. Teach us to go before Jesus, and if we fall, help us to rise and return to Him, confessing our faults. Grant us a great love for the sacraments, the footprints left by your Son on earth.
In this way, most holy Mother, with the peace of God in our conscience and our hearts free from all evil and hatred, we will be able to bring true joy and peace to all people.

Prayer of John Paul II during his trip to Mexico in January 1979