Houses available for pilgrims and families

The Sanctuary makes available to pilgrims and families the houses recently refurbished with the help of our volunteers and thanks to donations received.
Maison Sainte-Rose, Maison Saint-Jean, Maison Notre-Dame and Maison Sainte Faustine are the names of these havens of peace, where pilgrims and families come to rest and enjoy the calm of Pellevoisin. For a night or a weekend, or even for a few days’ holiday, these houses allow our guests to draw from Our Lady the graces of peace and calm that she spreads in abundance here in Pellevoisin. In these houses: rooms, sanitary facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen, all that is needed to live at one’s own pace while enjoying the life of the sanctuary, the services with the sisters… Each house has its own character:

  • Saint Rose’s house, very close to the shrine, can accommodate a couple or a family whose children can enjoy the small garden.

Maison Ste Rose

  • The Maison Notre-Dame, the most spacious, is very valuable for groups with its meeting room and lounge. It is also located just across the road from the sanctuary.

Maison ND

  • A little further away, below the village, in the Maison Sainte Faustine, can accommodate a family (3 bedrooms).

Maison Ste Faustine

  • Finally, along the park of the sanctuary, St. John’s House with its three rooms and dormitory can accommodate several families or small independent groups.

Maison St Jean

These houses are regularly used: So if you would like to spend a few days with Marie, or if you have friends who would like to discover Pellevoisin, we would be delighted to welcome you.